Our Vision

Making the restoring power of nature accessible to everyone who needs it, by building modern tribes and connecting people with their true potential

Our Social Mission

Our mission is to tackle Mental Health issues, social isolation and burnout, using the power of nature and proven solid therapeutic approaches which go hand in hand in delivering tangible and measurable results.

Our Values

Non Judgment
We treat all people with acceptance and non-judgment. Unconditional positive regard is at the
centre of what we do.

The quality of being genuine and true, we invite individuals to turn up as their true and unaltered selves and we demonstrate this in everything we do

We are humble in our pursuits, know our limitations and are always open to learning new ways of doing things

We aim to enable those around us to move forward, not hold onto them for our gain

Everyone has the right to the powerful effects of nature regardless of their situation or challenges

We are moving forward and making a difference, let’s be courageous, and have the courage to challenge the status quo both internally and externally

Be alongside each other and our tribe members, experiencing a sense of connection and compassion for people’s emotions and experiences