The tribe gathering is opportunity to come and take some time for your- self, check in with your tribe and learn new skills. Come as you are, take what you need.

What is a Tribe Gathering?

The tribe gathering provides a space for men to come as they are and take what they need from the sessions. There is no pressure to take part or be involved in any way shape or form, if you would prefer to sit in a hammock for two hours or chop some firewood you are very welcome here.

We hold the gatherings at our sites in Northop, Wirral and Northwich.

We strongly believe in the person-centred approach and that each of us has our own answers, with the right conditions we are able to explore and make the best decision for ourselves free from advice and judgment.

Popular Questions

Where do you meet?

We meet every week around the fire at our three sites in Flintshire, Wirral and Northwich.

What costs are involved?

This project is fully funded, it is of no cost to you.

Join us at one of our Local Gatherings

Choose the circle that is close and convenient to you to register and join us around the fire